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KPOP Coffee Talk Episode 5

BTS has had another stellar week I have to say. Some of you out there might already be tired of hearing about BTS especially if you are not a fan but I have to admit they are on a roll and not one downhill but up hill.  They have managed to get their 7th win for Fake Love on Music Core, are number one on Gaon Charts, have managed to make it to the top of the Billboard 200 charts with their album love yourself Tear. I mean you have to mention accomplishments like that. So congratulations BTS! 축하합니다방탄!
On top of all their success BTS released an Extended version of  Fake Love, not a pop version but a rock version, lets have a listen.
In all honesty I kinda like this version more, I don’t know if it is because I enjoy rock or if it just pulls out a different  side of the song. All in all I highly enjoy it  and again the videography and the storyline within the MV is just awesome and very much a signature to BTS’s MVs now.
KCON Updates Don’t forget that KCON NY is this month June 23-24. Some…

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