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Respect and Why I Think The US Needs More Of It.

Oh look, this is a subject I will probably get a lot of hate for, but what else is new?
I understand that respect is taught in most cases. However, there are cultures where respect plays an important role. Sadly, I have come to realize that there are way too many children and younger adults who don't seem to possess a lot of respect but don't be fooled. I've run into older ladies and gentlemen who didn't have any respect or any politeness in their bones.
As you can read in another post of mine, I have been lately in a rut, or like a deep dark hole. One of the reasons I'm in it is due to my age because I'm just not where I wanted to be this stage in my life.
The reason why I want to talk about respect is that another country's culture and its view of respect for older generations is what started to pull me out of this hole.
There have been way too many times where younger people, especially teenagers, called me by the B-word, made fun of me, or things like …

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