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Hurricane Irma

Yes, Hurrican Irma impacted me. We were very fortunate that our area was pretty much spared and sustained no major damage.  Irma curved away just before the Tampa area and curved back west after Tampa.
In the weeks before Irma's impact, I have learned quite a lot from the media and even now, almost a week after Irma.
The media continuously created panic and left out key information about Irma. Knowledge is power. So many people are not familiar with meteorology, and I am not saying everybody should be. However, I think it would be smart for people to do so some weather pattern research on their own. Our first thought was we will leave with my best friend to her family in Georgia, and we would leave Thursday night. However, at that point, Irma was still far away, and until Irma started her turn, there was no way of knowing where she would land. Most parts of the Floridian east coast evacuated up to Georgia or Tennessee. Within the last two days, parts of the west coast of Fl…

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