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An Unexpected Plot Twist

Today I have made an announcement on my Facebook and I was surprised about the overwhelming positive messages I have gotten.
As you all know we moved up to Alaska in February. However after carefully double checking my classes for the coming semester and double checking the classes with the College I would transfer to in Spring. I came to a shocking realization. I am around 70% done with degree, if I would transfer this Spring I would loose over 50% of my progress. The requirements are simply too different, and I don' have the funds to practically restart my college career.
One would say you should have checked that before moving. Well, our situation as to why we moved up here wasn't that simple. It would have been fine would I change my major but being so close to the finish line it makes no sense changing my major. I am almost done with school.

So to come to the actual announcement. My family and I are moving back home to Florida. My friends have been so happy and positive …

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